Headline: Charlotte Hub Events - Proposal
Date Published: 07.11.18
Author: USA3842 Sean Jackson

(Tempe, Arizona) - Hey guys, So I want to get people more interested in flying at CLT and become the best hub in the network. I've been thinking about starting a bi-weekly CLT event flown on VATSIM. I would choose a destination... the flights would all originate from CLT. Bonus hours would be available and no jumpseat fee (if you are currently located somewhere else). I would do a write-up with the rules and such, but first, I need to figure out how many of our pilots are interested; what day of the week and preference of short hops or long hauls (within the US). If you are interested but do not know how to fly on VATSIM, we can help with that as well. VATSIM events allow you to fly along with your fellow pilots live. So that all the responses are in the same place, please post your responses in the Community Forum under CLT with the same header. Thanks -Sean


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