Headline: PHL Report for JAN & FEB 2017 / Promotions / Pilot of the Month USA5053 George Vergara
Date Published: 03.04.17
Author: USA2222 Robert Tate

(Tempe, Arizona) - End-of-Month Report JAN and FEB COMBINED 2017

Hub Hours: 644.1

Hub PIREPs: 223

Top Pilots - Hours :

1. USA1157 Lestin Myrie - 126.7
2. USA5053 George Vergara - 72.3
3. USA1334 Landon Murray - 72.2
4. USA3746 Christopher Cobb - 46
5. USA3416 Larrie Deering - 43

Top Pilots - PIREPs :

1. USA3416 Larrie Deering - 34
2. USA5053 George Vergara - 20
3. USA1334 Landon Murray - 19
4. USA1157 Lestin Myrie - 17
5. USA1152 Neil Stubbs - 17


No Promotions

-Pilot of the Month-

USA5053 George Vergara


Work has prevented me from providing a consistent reporting of our numbers.
If someone would be interested in assisting me producing report for the hub of VA,
please send an email to robert.tate@usairwaysva.org.


USA2222 Robert Tate
Vice President, Philadelphia Operations
Senior Vice President, Operations


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