Headline: **NOTAM** PIREP Requirements
Date Published: 11.01.15
Author: USA2222 Robert Tate

(Tempe, Arizona) - Please be advised of our PIREP requirements as listed below:

1. Aircraft must be within your Cat Level
2. Valid flight plan (no direct routes).
3. Proper livery must be used
4. Landing rate must not exceed -750 ft/min
5. Landing fuel on board must not be under 250 lbs (props) or 1000 lbs (jets)
6. No time compression
7. Fuel cannot be added during flight
8. Do not exceed 250 knots under 10000 feet
9. Avoid restricted airspace (example: P-56).
10. Must depart/land using correct active runways.
11. Cannot substitute aircraft(example: a320 for a321) but can substitute variants (example: 738 for 734).
*If your hub DO/VP allows, substitution of aircraft from real world schedules
are acceptable. Must include verification link (example: flightaware.com)

If you have any questions regarding the PIREP policy, please
don't hesitate to contact myself, or your DO/VP.


USA2222 Robert Tate
Vice President, Operations


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