Headline: Charlotte Pilot of the Month - March 2013
Date Published: 04.01.13
Author: USA3879 Ken Berry

(Tempe, Arizona) - Panthers,

We've had yet another great month here in CLT. Several new pilots joined us and the vast majority of our crew have been pretty active out there in the virtual skies. Quite active, as in fact we as a hub have put up the largest monthly hours total that I've seen since I've been around this VA! A big thanks to Michael Levin for putting together (and running) a great AAL merger tour event which has proved to be quite popular.

Hub Total: 1548 hours on 612 PIREPs

Top 5 by Hours Flown
1. USA1334 Murray, Landon 205.1
2. USA1027 Danilovics, Will 191.1
3. USA3191 McDowell, Chuck 184.6
4. USA1291 Blackham, James 118.5
5. USA4644 Levin, Michael 72.7

Top 5 by PIREPs
1. USA1027 Danilovics, Will 56
2. USA1334 Murray, Landon 54
3. USA1291 Blackham, James 51
4. USA3191 McDowell, Chuck 48
5. USA4644 Levin, Michael 32
5. USA3829 Ross, George 32


USA3425 Brian diLorenzo (FO)

This month's Pilot of the Month has been with us only a short time but has already made quite an impact. Soon to be our newest Executive Captain, this month's Pilot of the month is none other than USA3191 Chuck McDowell. Congratulations Chuck!

April is here and a new event is on the horizon, stay tuned for more info... in the meantime thanks for all you guys are doing to keep Charlotte as the best hub in the best VA out there! Keep up the good work and I'll see y'all in the virtual skies!


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