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Below you will find our privacy statement and terms of use agreement. Please read this document carefully before proceeding to the application. If you have any questions regarding this document, please contact us.

Privacy Statement :: Information Collection

American Virtual Airlines takes the privacy of its pilots and guests very seriously. Our internet service provider,, will automatically collect technical information from your browswer upon loading our homepage. No personal information will be collected unless you willingly provide such either by contacting us or by submitting a form. In the event that you join our organization, you will be asked to submit some limited personal information. This information will be used only as required by our automated systems. The information collected is stored in a secure database and can only be accessed by the airline's President and/or an authorized administrator. At no time will your information be shared with a third party. In order to offer you a fulfilling and truly personal experience, our automated systems will display some of your information on our website. Specifically, when you join, your name and hometown will be displayed in our "New Pilots" section. Also, when you file a pilot report, your name may appear in our "Recent Flights" section. Furthermore, your name and hometown will be accessable to the public on our roster pages. This information will be acccessible by anyone who views our page. Otherwise, any personal information will be visible only to your browser. In the unlikely event that information stored in our database is requested by a confirmed law enforcement agency, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, we are required by United States Law to surrender that information. If you do not want your information to be stored on our servers, we are glad to accommodate you as our guest, but our systems require that you agree to these terms in order to become a member.

Privacy Statement :: Links to Files and Other Sites

American Virtual Airlines would not exist without the efforts of countless other virtual aviation enthusiasts. It should be noted that American Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with the real world US Airways Group. The files located in our downloads sections are, for the most part, created by third party developers. We have taken every effort to ensure that proper permission is given for our use of these files either through direct consent or through readme files. These files remain the property of thier respective developers. American Virtual Airlines assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by these files or by any websites linked to by our website. If you choose to download these files or visit our links, you assume all responsibilty for any damage they may cause. Having stated that, American Virtual Airlines has tested each file and link numerous times, and has no reason to believe that they will cause harm to you or your computer.

Privacy Statement :: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

Policies :: American VirtualAirline Operations Handbook

American Virtual Airlines pilots and staff are required to understand and adhere to the Airline Operations Handbook (AOH). All policies that govern the pilots and staff are contained in the handbook. The handbook also covers the airline's history, organizational structure, flight categories and equipment. All prospective pilots should download and read the AOH and become familiar with the policies and information contained there.

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