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American Virtual Airlines welcomes pilots from all backgrounds and experience levels. From the real world pilot to the flight simulator beginner, our doors are open to everyone--well, almost everyone. There are a few very simple requirements which must be met before you can join our organization. Please familiarize yourself with the following 3 requirements, and once you are sure that you satisfy each, you may begin the application process!

1. You must own a valid copy of one of the following computer flight simulators.


        Note: If you own a different flight simulator, and would still like to join, contact us.

2. You must maintain an active internet connection and e-mail account

Maintaining an interent connection is essential to your participation in any virtual airline. You will select and report your flights via your web browser. Also, management may need to contact you from time to time, so it is also important to maintian an active e-mail address.

3. You must agree to the terms set forth in the Pilot Handbook and Privacy Statement.


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