As reorganization efforts commenced in early 2006, USAVA President and CEO Nicholas Stutzman announced five strategic imperatives aimed at ensuring the future success of the airline. These initiatives conincide with the airline's vision. As we strive to provide realistic but varied opportunities for a completely satisfying exereince for pilots, some imperatives will be realized, and still others will be initiated. The strategic imperatives ensure the perpetuity of the organization through continual self-evaluation and self-improvement. The imperatives include the following:

    1. First and foremost, USAVA and now American Virtual should be dedicated to the pilots who constitute the heart and lifeblood of the organization.

    2. An attractive but functional website should be created complete with fully automated systems for joining, scheduling flights, reporting flights, and for the statistical monitoring of the airline's pilots and systems.

    3. The airline should place a great emphasis on and provide incentives for flying online, either through VATSIM or other online networks.

    4. The airline should oversee the development of an ACARS system for real-time flight tracking and reporting directly from the cockpit.

    5. Partnerships should be forged with other virtual organizations. Included among these are The Star Alliance, The Virtual Stock Exchance, and, either through partnership or by creation, an executive charter service flying a fleet of the ultimate private jets.

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