Greetings pilots and guests!

We would like to be the first to welcome you to the Training Hub at US Airways Virtual Airlines. This is the center for all training related activities, from Flight Fundamentals for new pilots, to our upcoming type ratings and VATSIM ATO. Our goal is to develop your skills as a virtual aviator while you enjoy the benefits of our unique virtual airline.

If you‘re a new pilot, you‘re probably here for our Flight Fundamentals, a short course to help you meet USAVA standards and avoid rejected PIREPs. After a few written tests and flights here at the Training Hub, you‘ll receive a certificate and be promoted into the mainline hub of your choice.

If you are a current USAVA pilot and would like to enroll in Flight Fundamentals, or have been recommended by your hub manager, please register on our training site and email the VP of Training to request enrollment.

We will also be offering type ratings for pilots who wish to master an aircraft type through ground school and checkrides. Our VATSIM ATO program will teach you how to transfer from flying offline to interacting with air traffic controllers and other pilots, the ultimate realism in flight simulation. We hope you will rise to these challenges here at USAVA.


USA4886 Brian Allen, Exec. Captain
Vice President of Training
USA4886 Brian Allen, Exec. Captain
VP of Training

Director of Training Operations POSITION OPEN

USA4928 Ryan Morris, Snr. Captain
Director of VATSIM Training

Flight Fundamentals
VATSIM ATO - P1 rating (enrollment info) ATO certificate
Type ratings - in progress

USAVA is now a certified ATO, offering the P1 rating.

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