Chicago Based Pilots and Guests,

Welcome to the American Virtual Airlines Chicago Hub. In order to make your experience with us a bit more convenient, we have provided you with various tidbits of information related to the airport, as well as any NOTAMS that may be pertinent to our operations at any given moment. Please try to use the appropriate gates, especially when flying online with VATSIM. Here at Chicago they are the G, H, K, and L gates. If you have any questions for us, please visit the forum dedicated to the Chicago Hub within the main pilots forum or email me at I believe you will find that you made an excellent decision in choosing Chicago O Hare International Airport as your base, and I look forward to seeing you in the skies in the near future.

Best Regards,

USA5671 Fady Botros, Exec. Captain
Vice President, Chicago Operations

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ORD Roster
USA1047 Tony Pitt 1142.21 150217.78 KRDU - KORD
USA1112 Ted Crowley 712.55 66589.2 KCLT - KBUF
USA1231 Holden Theriault 117.2 10426.2 KORD - KCLE
USA1260 Tim Mills 1542.1 208000.6 KPHX - KCLT
USA1295 Aaron Purcell 1253.65 174977.8 KORD - KDCA
USA1368 Keino Furbert-Jacobs 2539.9 384166.8 KMCO - KPHL
USA3057 Alexander Cruz 178.8 21412.5 KMCO - KMIA
USA3225 Vinicius Coelho 570.1 66237.9 KORD - KJFK
USA3609 Mark Cable 5598.5 807187.9 KPDX - PANC
USA3657 Danny Hull 230.2 9202.2 KDCA - KPHX
USA3658 William Parker 1178.25 76293.3 KDFW - KLAX
USA3723 Isaac Anderson 478.5 45354.5 KPHX - KSAF
USA3978 Justin Rhodes 549.5 72771.2 KPHX - KCLT
USA4084 Mike Robinson 527.1 62054.4 KCHS - KDFW
USA4657 Dustin Picciuolo 545.075 77426.1 KMCO - KJFK
USA4664 Stephen Beauter 293.2 30286.9 KDCA - KPHL
USA4736 Michael Thomas 1090.1 125210.6 KCLT - KDFW
USA4824 Sam Engler 1535.55 215488.2 KJFK - EGPF
USA4922 Osvaldo Montero 1249.8 148479.7 KCLT - KBOS
USA5281 Joe Connolly 2855.3 426638.9 KORD - KLAX
USA5407 Ed Callan 186.9 11982.4 KBUF - KORD
USA5671 Fady Botros 866.35 101766.2 KMIA - SAEZ
USA5682 James Bain 376.8 45169.2 KMSY - KCLT
USA5752 Eugene Silcott 7862.5 1096057.6 KDFW - KMIA
USA5826 Matthew Sweeney 549.4 76610 KRIC - KORD
USA6507 Riley Lavoie 472.2 8315.2 EGLL - KLAX
USA6659 Josh Morris 29.9 2540.3 KDFW - KGJT
USA6875 Andrew Morris 104.2 571.2 KORD - KLAX
USA6932 Rick Breton 6.6 442.4 KSBY - KPHL
USA6994 Michael Crane 285.3 18842.3 KJFK - LFPG
USA7906 Chinua Walker 294.3 25489.4 KMCO - KDFW
USA8014 Rafael Lopes 100 0 ------------

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