Los Angeles crewmembers,

Welcome to your Los Angeles domicile! Since 1937, Los Angeles International Airport has served as the gateway to the west for millions of Americans, and countless foreign visitors. Today, our mission has evolved to provide access to emerging areas in the western US, as well as leisure markets, and our staple west coast international routes. Pilots based at our Los Angeles hub can expect a variety of flying, from short regional hops, to long transpacific voyages.

We are a team, and our collective success is dependent on creating a great flying environment for all of our pilots. We welcome all feedback, regardless of disposition, in an effort to help us improve your experience. Important to our success at this domicile is our sense of community: please strive to help integrate your fellow pilots into our amazing community! This could be through the forums, or Teamspeak: we always appreciate increased participation from our pilots!

Please contact me with any feedback, concerns, or questions, or just to say hello and introduce yourself! I am proud to be your partner here at LAX, and look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

USA1069 Matt Spencer
Vice President, Los Angeles

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USAVA Operations Handbook

Understanding ACARS Handbook

VATSIM Online Flying Handbook

Understanding Teamspeak Handbook

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LAX Roster
USA1065 Caleb Stevens 2743.6 323149.5 KDFW - VHHH
USA1069 Matt Spencer 1235 125266 KDFW - KHRL
USA1171 Darren Esannason 463.3 38307.8 KCLT - KPHL
USA1310 Harry Rosado 686.4 77123.8 KDCA - KMCO
USA1468 Kevin Dexter 1879.4 266148.3 KLAX - KLAS
USA1564 Robert Adams 1286.05 209340.85 KLAS - KDFW
USA1625 Will Sanson 799.92 181909.64 KLAX - KLAS
USA3247 Diego Pedraglio 375.9 30780.5 KCLT - KIAH
USA3432 Todd Cramer 321.5 30450.5 KPHX - KLAS
USA3879 Ken Berry 3904.2 329176.1 RJAA - KLAX
USA3965 Edward Harland 499.62 61304.7 KSAT - KORD
USA4053 Agustine Juarez 228 26352.1 KLAX - KPHX
USA4105 Luca Di Biase 719.2 42530.4 KCID - KSTL
USA4770 Ralph Falkenberg 267.1 34117.7 KLAX - KRNO
USA6835 Jeff Messinger 38.8 585.8 KSLC - KLAX
USA6950 Trevor Talbot 4.5 355.5 KRIC - KPHL
USA6961 Sionne Taylor 119.4 2638.4 KPHX - KATL
USA7957 Sean Warren 105.9 802.4 KATL - KCLT

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