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Welcome to New York! With over 220 flights daily at JFK and LGA, American Airlines is Going for Great in The Big Apple! Used almost exclusively for Domestic traffic as well as several flights to Canada, La Guardia Airport provides a slightly quieter alternative to JFK, an international gateway with flights to Europe, The Caribbean and South America. JFK also serves numerous world wide destinations with our OneWorld Alliance members and other partner airlines. We hope you enjoy your visit to New York!

New York serves American Airlines as a hub towards its operations.

USA1281 Paul Rose
Vice President of New York Operations

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JFK Roster
USA1106 Ricky Cruz 531.9 50266.2 TJSJ - KRDU
USA1226 Efe Tokman 606.53 59210.08 RJSM - RJTT
USA1281 Paul Rose 6905.53 1089228.2 ESSA - EFHK
USA1350 Efren Salazar 477.9 55322 TJSJ - KMIA
USA3033 Jesus Sanchez 625.2 79139.2 KCMH - KLGA
USA3536 John Exel 524.6 54599.2 KORD - KDTW
USA3562 Jim Wyman 7325.85 1068317.5 KBOS - EGLL
USA3821 Kimmo Killstrom 125.8 1811.7 KCLT - KTPA
USA4165 Michael Cummings 99.8 10368.3 KEWR - KPHL
USA4275 Alberto Munoz 404.1 54027.5 KMSY - KCLT
USA4313 Pascal Doppmann 1764 243037.4 KCVG - KDFW
USA4633 Tony Padovano 1143.8 112315.2 KJFK - KDCA
USA4809 Aleksi Goulet 577.8 21239.5 KJFK - KMIA
USA5467 Charles Starks 22.3 1805.7 KPHL - KBGM
USA5656 Thomas Pepe 388.3 41923.2 KJFK - KCLT
USA6347 Jagard Strong 144.2 3319.9 KJFK - KBOS
USA7982 Bruno Brittz 0 0 ------------
USA7996 Nour Tamer 0 0 ------------
USA8016 Ari Aguiar 13.4 644.6 KMIA - MYNN
USA8038 Austin Carrillo 0 0 ------------
USA8339 Christian Jefferson 2727.2 416567.6 KORD - KLGA

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