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/Rick Rump/
Vice President of Operations, KDFW

Terminal Details

Most Envoy flights operate out of Terminal B, mainline out of A and C with International flights out of D.

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Preferred runways

Calm/South:17R (Term B D)
18L (Term A C)
17C/L (Term B D)
18R (Term A C)
North: 35L (Term B D)
18R (Term A C)
35C/R (Term B D)
18L (Term A C)
Calm is for when the wind is less than 5 knots.


Airport Facility Diagram---
AKUNA6 (1)
AKUNA6 (2)
ALIAN1 (1)
ALIAN1 (2)
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DFW Roster
USA1211 Nic Ramirez 505.9 24676.5 KPHL - KCLT
USA1246 Jeremhy Dolby 413.4 16430.8 PHLI - PHNL
USA1265 Joshua Kenzler 110.4 11956.2 KCLT - KMEM
USA3070 Jeff Dicey 356.3 3718.9 KDCA - KORD
USA3483 Aaron Kendrick 178.8 12735.4 KDCA - KPHX
USA3619 Bradley Garand 1039 133552 KSEA - KMIA
USA3672 Monty Kinard 913.3 126506.2 KPHX - KSAN
USA3914 Matt Giacofci 332.1 40563.9 KJFK - KDFW
USA4023 Nicholas Riggs 455.9 41456.3 KLAX - KMIA
USA4033 Dan Ciavardini 262.1 5345.2 KTPA - KCLT
USA4522 Rick Rump 1837.2 84688.7 KDFW - KMIA
USA4591 Jonathan Kost 968.2 119826.4 KSEA - KDFW
USA4979 Darrin Long 725.7 92425.1 EGLL - KORD
USA5211 Mark Halfpap 659.8 95360.7 KLAF - KIND
USA6336 Robert Zolliecoffer 164.4 8805.2 KLGA - KDCA
USA6391 Michael Steudle 38.3 3357 KABQ - KPHX
USA6459 Brendan Welch 134.58 13956.28 KIAH - KPHX
USA6821 DAVID LOPEZ GONZALEZ 25 0 ------------
USA6984 Christopher Cleveland 116.4 849.9 KDFW - KPHX
USA8868 Tyler Sheppard 406.1 32640.8 KSEA - KPHX

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