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Welcome to American Virtual Airlines! Our goal is to simulate American Airlines flight operations as realistically as possible and are proud to offer a fun and relaxed environment for our members to enjoy the excitement of flight. If you haven't already joined the American Virtual family, we welcome you to apply by clicking the image above.

We are very excited about our future and continue to work hard to develop new programs to give our pilots the best experience possible. We are pleased to offer our state of the art flight reporting system, US ACARS, to our pilots and are also compatible with FS Flight Keeper and FS Passengers for those who wish to add another level of realism. Our heritage program gives pilots the opportunity to fly more planes to more places around the world. Our codeshare program opens up the One World network to our members, opening up a new world of flights to every continent. Our staff continues to work to develop the best fleet, best events, and best training available in the VA community. We are confident that your experience with American Virtual will be exciting and enjoyable.

Everyday, we make improvements to our services and offer new programs and experiences to our members. American Virtual is today's premier virtual airline, and with our continued evolution, we will be an industry leader for years to come.

FEATURING Los Angeles INternational (KLAX)
LAX is the 2nd busiest airport in the U.S. and the 4th in the world! Come join us in keeping up that reputation on Friday night, Nov. 3!
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03.04.17 USAVA Year End Report 2016
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CEOs Choice Screenshots

Taken By Robert Neumaier
Welcome Our Latest Members
USA6959 Josh Corbett 12.13.17
USA6956 Mark Uffer 12.03.17
USA6952 Adam Ruemenapp 11.12.17
USA6951 Allen Horner 11.11.17
USA6950 Dean Mackie 11.10.17
USA6948 Kyle Phikiso 11.09.17
USA6946 Jagard Strong 11.05.17
USA6941 Christian Jimenez 10.18.17
USA6940 Robert Mick 10.17.17
USA6939 Spencer Hoefer 10.12.17
USA6938 Kieron Summers-Smith 10.09.17
USA6937 Joe DeSio 10.08.17
USA6936 Christopher Wilson 10.05.17
USA6932 Rafael Medina 09.26.17
USA6922 Sean King 08.26.17

Latest Fifteen Reports
430 KLAS KPHX 12.13.17
821 KCLT MWCR 12.12.17
571 MMPR KPHX 12.12.17
AA553 SCEL YSSY 12.11.17
1797 KBUF KCLT 12.11.17
3925 KBOS KBUF 12.11.17
1865 KJFK KCLT 12.10.17
1711 KLAX KSEA 12.10.17
1425 KDFW KMIA 12.10.17
1384 KMIA KCLT 12.10.17
4821 KPHL KAVP 12.10.17
713 KCLT KMSP 12.10.17
2386 KIAH KDFW 12.10.17
5384 KHPN KCLT 12.10.17
104 KDCA KJFK 12.10.17

US ACARS Greased Landings
USA1220 John Bowman -19.99 fpm 12.02.17
USA1157 Lestin Myrie -21.53 fpm 12.03.17
USA5826 Matthew Sweeney -27.68 fpm 11.22.17
USA3860 Jeremy Wright -34.6 fpm 11.25.17
USA3562 Jim Wyman -36.14 fpm 11.26.17
USA1220 John Bowman -37.68 fpm 12.09.17
USA5718 Jose Ortegon -42 fpm 11.20.17
USA3562 Jim Wyman -45.37 fpm 11.23.17
USA1181 John Wasielewski -46.14 fpm 11.30.17
USA1005 Andy Slavetskas -49.21 fpm 12.11.17
FS Passenger Greased Landings
USA5694 Jim Gesell -60 fpm 11.20.17
USA1065 Caleb Stevens -71.54 fpm 12.09.17
USA6363 Jayden Maxson -87.69 fpm 11.27.17
USA3416 Larrie Deering -93.85 fpm 11.21.17
USA6363 Jayden Maxson -128.46 fpm 11.26.17
USA3416 Larrie Deering -142.31 fpm 11.14.17
USA3416 Larrie Deering -145.38 fpm 12.03.17
USA1065 Caleb Stevens -148.46 fpm 12.07.17
USA3416 Larrie Deering -152.31 fpm 12.04.17
USA1065 Caleb Stevens -157.69 fpm 12.11.17

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